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Dev6 Hosting Service

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F.A.Q     Lights

Q. Is my mount protected and seen by other users?
    A. Yes. Your mount is protected and NO other users can’t access your WebDrive.


Q. Can I get a Free Account?
    A. Yes, If your a non-profit, or Contact Admin and asked about helping to promote, and have access to unlimited services.


Q. I would like to build a Plex Service on my own services. Do you help with installation?
    A. No. We setup VPS that you have co-ownership. All this means is we install the packages and updates, We do not access your buckets or users on the node.


Q. Plex Server how much bandwidth do I get monthly?
    A. Bandwidth usage is 2tb a month. If you are streaming from your bucket its 1tb a month. This is because your relaying your services from your google drive to plex user end.


Q. Can I put media on Local Disk?
    A. No, Please don’t use the LocalDisk as storage keep this space for updates.


Q.How many users on each node?
    A. For Web Hosting. Due to the large mounts we limit users to each node. We stick about 10 to 15 users per node.


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