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Dev6 Hosting Service

Making Life Simple

Google Drive Web Hosting Lights

Bring your own space, mount it on and start hosting your website today.

Google Drive gives a generous 15GB of free storage. It sounds like a lot but let’s remember that this space is shared by your files on Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. So, when you run out of space on one of your Drive accounts, you can transfer files to another.

* Migrate your data anywhere or even share it to other web developers all with in your Google Drive.

Another great feature that google offers is the API & Services, you can monitor web traffic or data being access within the drive, great way to take a snap shot of web usage.

Check out Team Drive, or even share your root/sub folder for a team building a website.

Reselling, build websites for clients and host them all in one location.



Up to 10+ Vhost

After mounting your Google Drive,

Virtual Hosting is one of the methods we are aiming at for blogers, with google drive mounted you will have access to all your data no matter what. Depening on your level of traffic we can move you from node-2-node.

Edit all your websites from one place within our Web Portal, host website and forums all from your Google Drive.

With this option you will get access to your vhost.conf, and Apache grace access. This allows you to refresh apache anytime you make a vhost configurtion, no waiting on server administrator to input parameters for your account.

Virtual Host term refers to the method of running more than one website such as host1.domain.com, host2.domain.com, or www.domain1.com, www.domain2.com etc., on a single system. There are two types of Virtual Hosting in Apache, namely IP-based virtual hosting and name-based virtual hosting. With IP-based virtual hosting, you can host multiple websites or domains on the same system.

*Site and service is still under development*

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